New highest grade Burmese Teak Decks & Interior Flooring

We manufacture custom highest grade Burmese Teak Decks and interior floors for yachts up to 165 ft. hand laid, plank by plank or prefabricate Teak Decks in-house at our workshop, laying out individual sections which are then dismantled and transported to the yacht for installation.

Together with our carpenter, we personally source and select highest grade Burmese Teak lumbers to ensure that you are receiving the very best quality for a long lasting and beautiful Teak Deck.

Our carpenters hand selects each and every board that makes it onto the yachts that we service, using only the highest grade Burmese Teak lumber to ensure our customers receive top quality teak, only using vertical grain slats with no knots, wormholes, or splits, to guarantee a long lasting, beautiful Teak Deck.

Our carpenters will work with you to create a quality teak product you will be completely happy with, and we will manufacture your creation with care and skill.