Yacht Concierge

No task is impossible – our World of Yachting Expertise. 

A yacht concierge is a huge resource for any vessel, with invaluable connections and a thorough knowledge of the local markets, services, sights and sounds, making a yacht’s passage through any new region a delight for yacht owners and charter guests alike, all the while providing a stress-free solution for the crew who serve them.

For a crew that has not visited Turkey before, our concierge service can be a lifesaver: Local knowledge combined with contacts can make the difference between a highly successful trip and a mediocre one. Our international connections and relationships enable us to offer owners and guests access to the most exclusive supplies and services.

Starting before your arrival, we will sort out all our clearance formalities, dockage, provisioning, duty-free fuel bunkering and keep you ahead of everything.

Anyone who’s ever used our yacht concierge service knows, what an invaluable time saver it is, and it is a much higher exclusive level of the bespoken service as the part of the contract with their owner or clients. The Service will be tailored to fit your needs and the yacht’s.

As owners and guests expect elite levels of service on board ashore, we are pride ourselves in offering a first class quality, luxury, comprehensive, superior support service ashore and afloat with our highly qualified and service-minded team, while you are cruising along the Turkish coast.

Of course, every yacht has a superior level of service, and the crew members will do their very best to quickly and subtly figure out the owners and clients preferences. All the elements for a smooth charter are prepared in advance to guarantee owners and clients’ satisfaction, making it a memorable and unforgettable yacht cruise. We want to enrich our client’s experience and provide them exclusive luxury lifestyle services.

The Yacht Concierge is your full staff of personal assistants, with the expertise, local knowledge, solutions, and the best contacts.
Whatever you imagine to be a need or have need of anything, be rest assured in the capability of our multilingual team in providing the best service you ever could dream of.

Discretion is one of the most important ingredients for our Concierge Services. It needs only to be shared with those who need-to-know particulars to provide your VIP service. We respect the privacy of our clients and shelter them from prying eyes.

We can assist you with all VIP services and we’ll make sure that your time and that of your guest will be enjoyed to its very best. We will fulfill almost any request, let us know what you need, and we have a solution for you. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.