The essence of a brilliant varnish finishing is a carefully, detailed and perfect preparation.

Our Varnish craftsmen are specialists and experts in this field; they are artisans in their work – Metin, the chief of our Varnish Team is truly the Picassos of yacht varnish.

The varnish team is in demand on some of the most beautiful interior and exterior yacht varnish applications.

Our highly skilled and experienced craftsmen have an eye for detail and their skills cover all aspects of varnish work including touch ups, refurbishing with new high gloss and matt varnish coats for the yacht interior and exteriors, damage repairs, color matching, staining and brush or spray finishes for any varnish yacht application. The varnish team is working closely with the yacht carpentry and joinery team together. 

For our yacht varnish, only the very best products will be applied, since we trust in the proven high quality of Epifanes Varnish products. They have the highest standards of paint quality in beauty, preservation, performance and the ultimate in high gloss finish. It has outstanding protection for all yacht woods and can be applied to Interior and exterior woods above the waterline and offers superior flow and durability.  In addition, it has excellent flexibility and water resistance in all climate conditions.

Yacht varnish requires careful preparation with attention to the detail. Every coat requires carefully and finest sanding before applying the next coat, using a particular type and finest grit of sandpaper to ensure optimum adhesion between coats and to create a smooth undercoat for a brilliant top coat varnish finishing.

Varnishes will be applied by hand or spray gun, assured for finest and brilliant varnishes finishing, beyond your expectations.

If you are tied up in your schedule and cannot visit our service center in Marmaris or you want to avoid unwanted downtime, our highly skilled and experienced varnish team is ready to travel to your yacht, to get your varnish work done to your full satisfaction.

Just let us know what you need.