Touch up 

Does your yacht have an unsightly scratch or dent? Maybe you’ve repaired your boat before. Overt time, it is almost impossible to avoid little bumps and scrapes when you’re docking in the marina or wharf or when you’re simply tying your boat next to your mates in a beautiful cove.

Our highly skilled team of professional marine painters can perform all form of touch ups, colour matching, blending, and polishing of any surface of your yacht. Also, we can repair, match and blend your existing paintwork to make it look like a complete repaint.

We will do touch ups on almost all surfaces and are happy to discuss your boat painting requirements with you; please contact us

We have skilled marine painters who have been fully trained in our cost efficient yacht painting system. Our specialties in this area include perfect colour matching, blending and paint touch ups in addition to simple cut & polishing repairs.

We do high-quality yacht touch ups on almost all surfaces. We pride ourselves on our quality service and blending skills to make the touch up invisible even under close inspection.