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Sailing Vacation in Thailand

Thailand is an amazing destination in Southeast Asia sharing borders with Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Malaysia. Surrounded by the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand, the country has a fascinating culture and is well known for its boundless hospitality.

Thailand is an island paradise with a breathtaking backdrop, unparalleled exotic, tropical beauty and it is one of the finest, most interesting and beautiful places to sail in the world. Sailing here you will find dazzling pristine white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and many secluded coves and rocks amongst the emerald waters.

Where else can you sail between the spectacular towering pinnacles of limestone as in the emerald sea of Phang-Nga Bay?

Experience adventures sailing and diving holidays in Thailand. Sail Thailand’s amazing sea’s where spectacular coastlines and beaches, exotic islands, emerald waters, and excellent sailing conditions await you.

Explore Thailand with a tailor-made charter that suits you and your dreams aboard a yacht. Whether you prefer to charter a monohull or a catamaran bareboat, skippered or luxury crewed charter; sailing holidays aboard gives you the opportunity to explore exotic islands, bays, deserted shores, and beaches, in a way that land-based vacations can never give.

Our many repeat customers and sailing enthusiasts confirm this every year. Our Hand-picked portfolio offers the very best charter yachts in Thailand. Whatever your preferred vessel is, we have the perfect yacht for you.  Thailand provides the best sailing condition for all levels of Skippers from with basic coastal to experienced offshore.

Discover the varied variety of spectacular breathtaking landscapes, rugged uninhabited islands, beautiful remote bays, picturesque villages, protected stunning anchorages, exotic rain-forests and pristine white sand beaches. 

If you are fancy for some more life, discover the warm, hospitable people of Thailand who enhances the enjoyment of our luxury yacht charter, explore the historical and Buddhist sights on your route, enjoy  the various delicious Thai cuisine and discover the lively nightlife before you take your good night drink aboard of your charter yacht. 

The Andaman side (Indian Ocean) is geographically spectacular and sparsely habited, while the Gulf of Thailand (Pacific Ocean) is the crucible of much of Thailand’s modern Thai culture.

Thailand’s largest island of Phuket is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide. Long white sand beaches, crystal clear water, casuarina trees, mangrove forests, tropical jungle landscapes, waterfalls, the spectacular backdrop of huge limestone cliffs and the endless hospitality of the Thai make the island to a tropical paradise.

The island of Phuket is the ideal starting point for your sailing trip into the emerald green Andaman Sea, where you will discover hundreds of islands, palm-lined sandy beaches, secluded bays, coral reefs, picturesque villages and breathtaking landscapes.

Phukets Big Buddha, a 45-meter high sitting Buddha of fine white marble, from whose foot you have a wonderful view over the island, Chalong Bay, Baan Kata and the sea with its islands, is perched on a hillside in the middle of the island. The old town of Phuket Town is characterized by its picturesque Sino-Portuguese buildings, charming residences and commercial houses in colonial style with shaded arcades. Several Chinese and Thai temples also characterize the small town. . Phuket is also a shopping paradise that leaves nothing to be desired, there are modern shopping centers, countless small shops and numerous markets to discover.  

Thailand has 349 namend world-class diving sites, it is a hotspot for scuba diving. Diving in Thailand will be among the most fulfilling dive experiences you can have.  The water is warm all year round, visibility can be in excess of 100 feet (30 m) for most of the year, and Thailand is considered to be one of the best diving destinations such as Richelieu Rock and Hin Muang .

Whale sharks and manta rays are at the top of most divers’ list, and they can be seen almost all year round. But the stunning seas of Thailand are home to an incredible mix of species, including silvertip and grey reef sharks, beautifully colored rainbow yellowtails, leopard sharks, harlequin shrimp, tiger tail seahorses and vast shoals of chevron barracuda and giant trevallies. In addition to the prolific marine life, Thailand possesses several interesting wreck sites, such as the 197 foot (60 m) Boonsung located in the Koh Surin Marine National Park.

The most famous sailing area is the Andaman Sea, a fantastic location off the Indian ocean coast of Thailand full of unspoiled tropical islands brimming with diverse national parks and untouched nature. The Andaman Sea off the coast of Phuket and the bay of Phang Nga lie in a protected area which allows for relaxed sailing all year round. There are many breathtaking anchorages in secluded coves where you can enjoy the overwhelming beauty of the Andaman Sea all to yourself. The many smaller islands of the Andaman Sea offer countless cruising and diving options. There are numerous attractions, like the Bay of Phang Nga with its offshore island,s or the 120 km long coastline of Krabi with many natural lagoons. There is an abundance of beautiful islands here such as: the Koh Phi Phi Islands, Phi Phi Le, Koh Lanta, Koh Lipe, Koh Tarutao, Koh Similan, Koh Surin and many more. 

The Mu Koh Similan National Park is located approximately 54 miles northwest of Phuket, where the nine Similan Islands are made of granite and are probably one of the most beautiful diving reefs in the world. Volcanic eruptions have formed these dramatic inshore landscapes and seabeds.

Not without reason do some of these dive sites carry sound names like Donald Duck Bay, Great Wall, Beyond Eden, Deep Six and Boulder City.

The island group Ko Phi Phi is famous for the beauty of its beaches and bays. Phi Phi Island is located approximately 28 miles southeast of Phuket. A fascinating landscape: islands rise with steep bright rock faces guarding with tropical vegetation are in bizarre forms from the sea. Stalactites, natural caves, steep limestone cliffs which seem to be held together only by the roots of tropical vegetation, crystal clear water, coral reefs, pearl white sand beaches, fantastic and breathtaking anchorages await you here.

The Gulf of Thailand is another idyllic sailing area. In this area there are the islands of Koh Samui, Koh Phangan and Koh Chang – the second largest island of Thailand, which is worth exploring. The Thai overseas territories have a fantastic marine life and are excellent for snorkeling and diving.

Thailand has a tropical climate and is hot all year round. The temperature ranges between 28 and 35 degrees. It is only cooler in the mountains in the far north. The coolest time of year is from November to April and this is the best time to travel. The hottest months in Thailand are from March to June when it can get as hot as 40 degrees. This is the best time to go for boating holiday in Thailand. Thailand has a dry and a rainy season, which is directed to the monsoons and thus influences the weather and wind direction. The rainy season in Thailand is from June to October

Thailand is a beautiful, natural and adventurous sailing retreat. Buddhist temples and other cultural and natural beauty are to be found everywhere and let deeply into a strange world immersed. 

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