Technical Service

Our highly skilled Technical Service Team aims to provide a comprehensive range of technical services for yacht maintenance and repair.

It might be tempting to leave a simple and small concern alone and just avoid paying attention to it. On the other hand, any sea captain would tell that even a small concern may turn into a big one in the long or short run and the worse, it can happen while cruising. You should never risk a small problem becoming a huge one, leaving you stranded in the water while waiting for someone to come and help you. 

Whether you are in dire need of a service partner for ongoing and long-term yacht maintenance or a one-off emergency repair, we are your yacht service provider that you can rely on. Our experienced and highly skilled professionals assure high-quality technical yacht service, consulting and support. We know that the right execution of a job and excellent customer service are the key essentials for satisfied and happy clients.


Our Technical Services includes

  • Maintenance, Repair & Installation,
  • Mechanical Installations and Repairs,
  • Engine Maintenance  & Repair,
  • Generator Service & Installation,
  • Air Conditioning Service & Installations,
  • Electric Service Repair & Installations,
  • Electronic Service Repair & Installations,
  • Rigging
  • and much more

Let us know what you need.