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Sailing Vacation in St. Vincent – The Black Pearl of the Caribbean

Discover the enchanting islands of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Explore these idyllic tropical paradises and experience the magic of anchoring in secluded bays, protected cays, and lagoons with turquoise seas, white sandy beaches and the legendary footsteps from Captain Jack Sparrow, Treasure chests, parrots, bottles of rum – not to mention those pieces of eight.

Be carried away and discover the islands aboard a yacht. St. Vincent and the Grenadines lie like a shimmering pearl chain in the Caribbean Sea. The cruises from St. Vincent are among the most beautifulest itinaries in the world. A paradise with colorful coral reefs, crystal clear turquoise blue water, white sand beaches with palm trees, fantastic anchorages and black beaches in front of the lush green rainforest. St. Vincent and the Grenadines is one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean for sailing holidays.

Explore the St. Vincent and Grenadines with a tailor-made charter that suits you and your dreams aboard a yacht. Whether you prefer to charter a monohull or a catamaran bareboat, skippered or fully crewed charter; sailing holidays aboard gives you the opportunity to explore exotic islands, bays, deserted shores, and beaches, in a way that land-based vacations can never give.

Our many repeat customers and sailing enthusiasts confirm this every year. Our Hand-picked portfolio offers the very best charter yachts in St. Vincent and the Caribbean. Whatever your preferred vessel is, we have the perfect yacht for you

St. Vincent and the Grenadines provides the best sailing condition for all levels of Skippers from with basic coastal to experienced offshore.

The Island group St. Vincent and the Grenadines consists of 32 islands, hundreds of rocks, sandbanks and bays located in the eastern Caribbean between St. Lucia 24 miles north and Grenada 75 miles to the south. St.Vincent, Young Island Bequia, Mustique, Canouan, Mayreau, Union Island, Palm Island and Petit St. Vincent are the only inhabited islands and the Tobago Cays, are a group of five uninhabited islands surrounded by stunning landscapes, the Horseshoe reef and the protected marine park, a challenge for sailors and the amazing underwater life is a paradise for divers 

St. Vincent and the Grenadines are an independent island state in the Caribbean, located in the West Indies, belong to the Lesser Antilles in the eastern Caribbean and count to the Windward Islands. A member of the Commonwealth of Nations and the Bolivian Alliance for America. It bears its name since Christopher Columbus came ashore in 1498 on Saint Vincent’s Day. The islands lie south of St. Lucia, north of Grenada and 180 km east is the island of Barbados. Only the south of St. Vincent is inhabited, but the north is dominated by mountainous wilderness, tropical rainforest, coconut palms and volcanic landscape. The highest point is the still active volcano La Soufrière with its 1234 m. The northern part is partly accessible only from the sea.

The temperature is around 30°C throughout the year, and there are constant trade winds. In July and August, it rains more frequently. The archipelago is located in the Hurricane Belt, and it’s not spared from tropical storms and hurricanes during the Hurricane season from June to November.

The protected Lagoon Hotel and Marina on the southern tip of the Island offer everything you could desire from a sailor’s heart. It is the ideal starting point for your trip or the islands of the Grenadines such as Bequia, the Tobago Cays or Carriacou or country trips on the volcano island of St. Vincent Spectacular landscapes and dense rainforest. Discover the various beautiful coves and anchorages on the island’s leeward in the south and west. On the trip to the northwest of the Island, to the foot of the Soufrière volcano in Chateaubelair Bay, you will sail past banana and palm trees to continue to the legendary “Pirates of the Caribbean” port the legendary Wallilabou Anchor Bay, closed to th Chateaubelair Bay that lies in the northwest of the Island at the foot of Soufriere volcano. Other fantastically beautiful anchorages are Barrouallie, Bayou Bay and the Buccament Bay with the picturesque village Buccament.

The constant trade winds allow you to sail from island to island within a few hours. Saint Vincent is the main island. Only the southern quarter of the island is developed, the middle and north are dominated by the Morne Mountain Mountains and the volcano La Soufriere. The island can only be circumnavigated with a yacht, and on the north coast, there are no roads. There are plenty of fantastically beautiful and protected beech trees, secure anchorages and small picturesque fishing huts along the coast. Inland, just off the coast in the west, the Vermont Nature Trail winds its way up to an altitude of about 600 meters. Here, you will find a tropical mountain rainforest with huge ferns and up to 20m tall bamboo trees, surrounded by exotic plants. With a little luck, you may see the national bird of St. Vincent, the king sazone. Along the way are lushly landscaped valleys with black sand beaches bordering the turquoise sea, the small village of Barrouallie in a sheltered bay and Wallilabou, the setting and scenery for many scenes shot from the film “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

The Grand Bonhomme, with its height of over 1000 meters, paints the Mesopotamia Valley by growing pineapples, bananas, cocoa fruits, and breadfruits. Kingstown is the lively capital and a lively harbor with Caribbean serenity, surrounded by the flair of candy-colored Caribbean houses and impressive colonial buildings. The botanical “Montreal Garden” in Kingston is an extraordinary collection of exotic plants from around the world. Fort Charlotte is the main attraction and is located across Kingstown with a breathtaking view. The spectacular 20m high waterfalls of Baleine can only be reached by boat. Do not miss to enjoy this wonderful nature pool!

Sail on and visit the pearls of the Caribbean: beautiful beaches, seclusion, tropical paradieses and pure romance await you in Bequia, Mustique, Canouan and the Tobago Cays. The Grenadine Islands are tiny, sometimes just a rock. This island group with eight larger inhabited Islands and some 100 other small islands and rock formations is one of the most beautiful areas the Caribbean offers.

Bequia is a relaxed and friendly Caribbean island with an international flair, tailor-made for sailing enthusiasts, beach lovers and honeymooners. She is the largest and most developed island with its approximately 18km². Enjoy white sand beaches, sheltered bays, turquoise seas,, and excellent restaurants and bars

Sail into the magnificent Admiralty Bay  to visit Port Elisabeth, drop anchor and explore the wonderful Belmont Walkway, enjoy the party atmosphere of Bequias world famous Easter Regatta and the Bequia Music Fest. Admiralty Bay, popular meeting place for sailors from around the world

The Tobago Cays and the Tobago Cays Marine Park is one of the world’s most awe inspiring island destinations. The Tobago Cays, are an archipelago of five small uninhabited islands guarded by some of the most spectacular reefs in the world.  They are an  idyllic yachting anchorage, a dream for scuba divers and a paradise for beachcombers. Brilliant white sand beaches, coconut palms along the margins of most beaches, crystal clear waters, heavenly lagoons full of green turtles  and the colorful underwater life  that create a rare tropical paradise. TheHorseshoe Reef is a large coral reef system that protects four of the islands: Petit Rameau, Petit Bateau, Baradal and Jamesby. The fifth cay is Petit Tabac which lies just outside the main reef system, and beyond Petit Tabac are Egg Reef and World’s End Reef

Petit Tabac was a filming location for the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Captain Jack Sparrow was marooned here with Elizabeth Swann – this is the island where Elizabeth set fire to his stash of rum. On a previous occasion, pirates tell of Jack escaping the island on the back of two sea turtles…You remember?

Discover the island Canouan that combines luxury and elegance with natural beauty and local charm. Canouan is still something of a secret, it is a luxury idyllic tropical island getaway.The island investing heavily in making it the next destination for the super-wealthy. Just get a taste of some of the island treasures. This secluded island hideaway offers excellent restaurants, luxurious resorts such as the Mandarin Oriental Hotel with the extravagant Pink Sand Club, world-class spas,  a championship Fazio-designed golf course and luxury super-yacht marina. All surrounded by small bays and coves, immaculate secluded white sand beaches, beautiful tropical landscapes and one of the Caribbean’s longest barrier reefs, That offers numerous opportunities for diving and snorkelling.  

Mustique, Petit St. Vincent, Mayreau and Palm Island are fantastic beautiful private luxury resort islands, where sailors are welcome. It is one of the most beautiful areas of the Caribbean.

Continue to Mustique which is located in the Grand Bay. Rub shoulders with the rich and famous on a Caribbean island that blends elegance and luxury with natural white sands, palm trees and turquoise seas. Unwind in the absolute tranquillity of a deserted beach. Mustique is altogether beguiling. Enjoy the lively atmosphere and famous events  at Basil’s Bar, watch the sun go down and enjoy the local vib.. Basil’s bar is a popular meeting place for international celebrities and yachts, that should not be missed on your Bucket list. 

In the south, the area borders Grenada. The southernmost private island is Petit St. Vincent, a lovley private 46 ha large, green island, characterized by three hills and almost three kilometers of powder white sand beaches surrounded by the turquoise seas and colorful offshore coral reefs.  Discover the thoughtfully designed and professionally managed private resort island. Fondly known as PSV, Petit St. Vincent Resort is an amazing tropical hideaway with unparalleled luxury and elegance. Only 80 people live permanently on Petit St. Vincent. On one is the most exclusive resort, for events, weddings and birthdays or the whole island can be rented. Welcoming, idyllic and supremely tranquil, Petit St Vincent is an altogether perfect Caribbean island getaway. Undiscovered, unspoilt, unplugged and unbelievably beautiful, the tiny island of Petit St Vincent is a destination dreams are made of.

Just a half nautical miles away lies the island of Petite Martinique, which is already part of Grenada. Petite Martinique is the northernmost and last island in the Grenada island chain, and is located just 6 miles southeast of Union Island, which is in the St. Vincent and the Grenadines chain to the north. A remote and isolated outpost, Petite Martinique is a beautiful place to drop the hook, row or motor ashore and enjoy a quiet sunset meal at one of the local restaurants. Petite Martinique is an extraordinarily beautiful island.  It  is the place you go to escape mainstream tourism. Petite Martinique is a most unusual little island. Untouched by extravagant tourist hotels and facilities, Petite Martinique is about 2.4 km² in size, has about 900 inhabitants and the volcano at the center of the island dominates the landscape. The east coast is rocky and totally uninhabited while most people on the island reside on the calmer western leeward side. 

Palm Island is an esoteric refuge for those seeking an exclusive Caribbean escape. Discover an exclusive private island resort with powder white sand beaches, turquoise seas, swaying coconut palms and unsurpassed beauty and seclusion.  With an emphasis on tranquillity, privacy and luxury. Explore our stunning underwater world with a snorkeling or scuba diving adventure. Pamper yourself with a massage or unwind with some yoga. Walk around the island and enjoy the scenery. Whatever you do, life’s a beach on Palm Island.

Mayreau is the Caribbean’s great escape. A secret treasure of peace and tranquility. With no airstrip, you have to sail here, and you will never want to leave. Picture-postcard beaches and bays, take a stroll to the village, enjoy scenic views, a quaint old church and lovely people. Relax on a perfect beach with powder white sands and crystal clear seas. Snorkel or scuba dive beautiful coral gardens. 

Mayreau is the untouched Caribbean you only hear of in whispers.

Time to put your toes in the sand, with a rum punch in hand, listen to the rythmus of the Caribbean live music and to enjoy the Caribbean lifestyle.

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