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Sailing Vacation in Saint Martin & Sint Marteen

The island of Saint Martin & Sint Marteen is one of the most popular sailing areas in the Caribbean. Explore the pristine waters of the Leeward Islands. Enjoy as God in France, chill and relax as in Holland and celebrate with the life rhythm of the Caribbean, enjoy Las Vegas style casinos, shopping paradises, gourmet restaurants, Caribbean parties, and famouos yacht regattas.

Since when does France border on Holland? Well, very long! Only that there are no customs houses which hinder the border crossing and no buffer country.

Explore Saint Martin & Sint Marteen with a tailor-made bespoken charter that suits you and your dreams on board of a yacht. Whether you prefer to charter a monohull or a catamaran – bareboat, skippered or fully crewed luxury yacht; sailing holidays aboard gives you the opportunity to explore exotic islands, or deserted shores and beaches, in a way that land-based vacations can never give.

Our many repeat customers and sailing enthusiasts confirm this every year. Our Hand-picked portfolio offers the very best charter yachts in Saint Martin & Sint Marteen and the Caribbean. Whatever your preferred vessel is, we have the perfect yacht for you. 

Some of the most diversified islands of the Caribbean are just waiting to be explored. The so-called “Iles du Nord” by the local French population offers a spectacular cruising area.

Consisting of three main islands:  Anguilla, St Barthelemy, and St Maarten; the smallest territory in the world is divided between two nations, France and Holland. From the pristine and deserted beaches of Anguilla, the finest gastronomic restaurants of St Martin to the exciting nightlife of St Barth, there’s something here for everyone – and all just half a day sailing away!

The island of Sint Maarten & Saint Martin in the Caribbean between the two islands Anguilla and St. Barthelemy, unites both nations peacefully for many years and this is good because the island has much to offer on both sides.

The story tells that Christopher Columbus discovered the island. About 150 years later, the Dutch and French expelled the Spanish squatters. In order to distribute the island fairly, one had the idea that a Frenchman and a Dutchman in each direction should circle the island. At the intersection where they crossed the paths should the border be. The Dutchman was slower and therefore managed a smaller distance than the Frenchman, because this had supplied his rival as supply Gin instead of water.

The sailing reef is a bit more demanding and offers the best combination of island hopping, stunning bays, and thrilling blue water sailing, which conjure a smile on every skipper’ face.

Sint Maarten & Saint Martin is an exotic and hilly island of volcanic origin surrounded by colorful reefs. The island belongs to the Dutch Antilles. It is located in the small Antilles, which belong to the Leeward Island of the Caribbean. The highest mountain is the Pic Paradis with an altitude of over 420m above sea level. With white sand and palm trees it lures 35 amazing beaches in the Caribbean Sea; in the background rises the green volcanic landscape with the exotic rainforest.

The Anguilla Channel separates Saint Martin from the British neighboring island of Anguilla in the north. The Saint-Barthélemy Canal separates Sint Maarten from the French island Saint-Barthélemy in the southeast.

The smallest twinned island in the world, with many interesting antitheses, becomes a melting pot of the French, Dutch and Caribbean cultures that are mixed here like no other place in the Leeward Islands. The relaxed, casual style has an influence on the daily life. In St. Martin; French, English, Spanish, Dutch and Patois are spoken.

The French part of the island – Saint Martin.  In the north, the French part of the island is called Saint-Martin. The area is about 53 km², where approximately 35,000 inhabitants live. The French port and capital, Marigot, dominated by the north, dominates with a French-Caribbean casual and elegant lifestyle. The French part of this Caribbean island is rather quiet and untouched. Saint Martin pampers you with fantastic beaches and crystal clear water, numerous colorful coral reefs, breathtaking atolls, secluded coves and exotic coastal scenery enchant with their beauty. In the north and east coast are the most beautiful beaches with casual beach bars with live Caribbean music.

Marigot is an important port and tourist resort and has the sophisticated flair of a resort on the Côte d’Azur. Marigot picture is characterized by many historic buildings from the colonial period. Two ports provide space for yachts from all over the world. Many mega yachts and small cruise ships are moored in turquoise water. Marigot offers exclusive shops, duty-free shopping, numerous world-class restaurants all set in a fantastically beautiful Caribbean setting; Caribbean style with croissants, cafe au lait, self-made rum, cinnamon sticks and bright red chili. Every Wednesday and Saturday, the weekly markets take place, where you can buy vegetables, fish, tropical fruits, crafts and much more.

The island is considered an insider tip for gourmets. Grand Case is known as the “gourmet capital” of the Caribbean. Let us spoil you with culinary delights. The Gourmet Boulevard of the Grand Case Beach offers a variety of excellent restaurants, with French, Italian, Vietnamese and West Indian cuisine.

In contrast to the excellent restaurants, try the small Lolos, at Grand Case Beach, it is highly recommended. There are barbecue specialties such as spare ribs, fish, lobster and Creole treats and Caribbean delights. You will experience pure Creole feasting and Caribbean flair. It is only about 4 km inland from Grand Case Beach.   Loterie Farm, is a wonderful spot on the edge of the rainforest offers good food, great cocktails, lounges for chilling and numerous outdoor activities. A great starting point for your discovery tour is in the rainforest with its beguiling fragrances and exotic vegetation and inhabitants. H.M.S. Bounty has introduced the breadfruit trees to the Caribbean. On a former slave trail leading upwards, you will find many breadfruit trees. Other hiking trails lead to Colombier and Pic Paradis, the highest point on the island from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view. At a clear sight, Anguilla (British), St. Eustatius and Saba (Dutch) as well as St. Kitts and Nevis (self-employed) can be seen in the distance. The most beautiful French beaches are Baie Longue, Cupecoy Bay Beach, Baie Rouge, Grand Case, Orient Beach, Happy Bay, Anse Marcel and Friar’s Beach.

The Dutch part – Sint Maarten. To the south lies the smaller Dutch part of the island. The capital and port is Philipsburg. Around 1,400 inhabitants live here. Yachts from all over the world and often cruise ships moored in the turquoise Caribbean Sea. The city has the status of freedom.

The harbor offers more than 500 shops, all in the Dutch style, candy-colored and shingle-covered roofs. Watch the bustling life at the port with Caribbean cocktails and Creole snacks. Enjoy the Caribbean life while strolling through the colorful Front Street, Backstreet and Old Street in Philipsburg. The history of the island can be discovered during a visit to the island museum in Philipsburg as well as the old forts of Amsterdam and Williams. Great beaches include the Mullet Bay, Great Bay, Little Bay, Simpson Bay, Maho Bay and Dawn Beach.

Philipsburg is also a harbor with an exciting nightlife. Philipsburg is the port of the Las Vegas-style players with a Caribbean flair. There are over 20 casinos, many bars, and some discotheques. Free entrance and free drinks can be enjoyed in the casinos and still you have the chance to win perhaps. The atmosphere in the casinos is usually great. Casino Royale at the Maho Village Resort and Entertainment Center at Maho Beach is probably the most popular place for nightlife. Casino Royale is a giant Las Vegas-style complex with over 20 play tables, bars, clubs, restaurants, as well as a theater. If you want to experience an exciting evening, do not miss a visit to the Casino Royale. If you’re not into gambling, or if you do not want to lose your profit, you can also stay in one of the many bars and restaurants, shop at duty-free boutiques and fashion outlets, or visit the theater.

Maho Beach is famous for low flying jet like the 747 as they approach the airport for landing just behind the beach at the Princess Juliana Airport and just a few meters over the heads of the beach vacationers. On the beach, there is a surfboard on which the daily starts and landings are written.

For 3 weeks from April to May, Philipsburg celebrates the Caribbean’s longest annual carnival festival,  “Experience Life”, in the St. Maarten way. Be part of the carnival festival that is comprised of colorful parades, spectacular local and international concerts and a plethora of food that further proves that St. Maarten is the culinary capital of the Caribbean. Every evening, events and the Grand Carnival Parade take place. “King Moumou” leads the carnival. “Jump-ups” are the fun moves; steel bands ensure music and mood. Of course, a Miss Carnival is also chosen. St. Maarten’s Carnival Village is a one-of-a-kind venue that sets St. Maarten’s Carnival apart from any similar festival in the world and St. Maarten’s Carnival Village is the only one of its kind in the entire Caribbean basin.

St. Maarten’s Carnival has something for everyone. It’s no wonder that you are being encouraged to “Come, Experience Life!” in the St. Maarten way.

Sint Maarten / Saint Martin is famous for its annual international races.

The Heineken Regatta is an international event of the top class and every year in March attracts yacht crews with more than 150 yachts and 500 spectators from all over the world. Five groups of identical yachts participate in the regatta. The regatta courses range from 15 to 40 nautical miles. The 3-day Heineken Regatta ends every evening in another port, the charming island of Saint Martin / Sint Maarten. There is the opportunity to sail against some of the best pros. The regatta sails “Round the Island”, starts in the Simpson Bay and race clockwise in stable weather conditions around the island to Philipsburg. After an impressive race and sailing experience of the day, the legendary after-race parties with caribbean steel band shows and international artists will take place every evening for a great event program. Let the exciting race day at an after-race party culminate with culinary specialties, Heineken Beer, and exotic cocktails.

The parties are among the best in the Caribbean.

The Golden Rock Regatta is also a top class event, a varied program, organized for the sailing crews. Every year in November, the Golden Rock Regatta takes place, with a week of regatta fun, races from island to island, topped with regatta events and the legendary Caribbean dock, beach and street parties. Enjoy culinary specialties, exotic cocktails, Caribbean beer and reggae live music after an exciting day of racing.

In combination with another sailing week to chill and berth hopping, this active holiday is an incomparable experience.

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