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Sailing Vacation in the Seychelles

The Seychelles are fabled paradise on earth. Exotic granite islands, hundreds of glittering multi-coloured coral barrier reefs.  Shimmering turquoise-colored bays with porcelain-white beaches, picturesque coves, huge granite rocks in the waves of the Indian Ocean, giant palm trees with their famous ‘Coco de Mer’ nuts and all bordered by a lush tropical jungle. The islands are home of the Aldabra giant tortoises, a variety of exotic wildlife some of the world’s largest seabird colonies

Enjoy the combination of a tropical paradise, small towns with a unique Creole culture and a world-class luxury life. The Seychelles are one of the best sailing destinations and they are blessed with excellent dive sites.

Spoil yourself and top your yacht charter vacation with a relaxing extra week on one of the private tropical island paradises. Several of the world’s finest island accommodations are found in these islands and there is plenty to do both in and off the water.

The Seychelles are an archipelago of 115 islands located just 4 degrees south of the Equator and spread over more than 400,000 square kilometres of the Indian Ocean. All with its breathtaking beauty, diversity and exoticism.

The best way to discover the stunning tropical beauty of the Seychelles is aboard of a sailboat or catamaran. Enjoy great sailing, the spectacular scenic, swimming in the warm turquoise waters, snorkeling in stunning coral reefs, giant tortoises, hike through lush green jungles, explore the villages and ports or simply, relax.

Explore the Seychelles islands with a tailor-made charter that suits you and your dreams on board of a yacht. We have a large portfolio offering one the best selections of charter yachts in the Seychelles. Whether you prefer to charter a monohull or a catamaran bareboat, skippered or fully crewed charter; sailing holidays aboard gives you the opportunity to discover islands, bays, deserted shores, and beaches, in a way that land-based vacations can never give.

The Seychelles provides the best sailing condition in various sailing areas for all levels of Skippers from basic coastal to experienced offshore. Whether you’re an experienced sailor looking for a challenging, Indian Ocean Bluewater passage, or you are looking for a relaxed and chilled sailing cruise, the Seychelles has it all.

The Seychelles islands are divided in two distinct groups including the Inner Island Group and the Outer Island Group, and almost all of them are outside the cyclone belt. 41 of these islands belong to the Inner Islands, the oldest granite islands at all. 74 islands are coral islands formed by low-lying atolls which form the Outer Islands. A fascinating world-class underwater world with amazing coral reefs in all rainbow colors awaits snorkelers and divers.

The exotic islands extend like a gemstone half-moon from the equator to the northern tip of Madagascar inculde five groups of islands; the Granite Islands, the Aldabra Group, the Farquhar Group, the Alphonse Group, and the Amiranten Group.

Sailing around the Seychelles’ Inner Islands offers miles of scenic coastline with beautiful anchorages, pristine white beaches, many secret coves and grottoes.  The Seychelles are blessed with sailing on calm waters all year round. 

The Inner Islands are the classic route for the yacht charter. Here you can sail in short distances from one island to another. Each of these islands has its own beauties and secrets. The Inner Islands include the main island of Mahe, Praslin, Coco Island, Sainte Anne, Curieuse, Glacis, Beau Vallon or Félicité, La Digue, Silhouette, Île du Nord, Fregate, Île Aride, Ile Denis and Bird Island. The pristine white sand beaches are among the most beautiful in the world. You will find picturesque Creole villages with the unbelieable warm hospitality of the ‘Seychellois’, port towns with luxury life and fine restaurants. 

Outside the “Seychelles Bank”, the archipelago of the Outer Islands covers the island groups: the Amirates with the main island Desroche, the Alphonse group with the atolls Alphonse and St. François, Aldbra, the Cosmoledo atoll, the Farquhar group with the atolls Farquhar and Providence, plate as well as Coëtivy. There are special regulations for sailing in the Outer Islands. Yachts that plan to visit the Outer Islands must have higher specifications in the over 60 miles class, and they need to have a licensed Seychellois captain and crew.

In the Seychelles, tropical temperatures are all year round, and due to the proximity of the equator, there are no strong seasonal fluctuations. The temperatures are between 27 and 32°C and seldom sink below 22°C even at night. There is always a very high humidity of about 80%. The Seychelles are not in the belt of ​​the cyclones, and the wind strength fluctuates between 3-6 Bft. The climate and seasonal variations of the Seychelles are determined by the monsum.

South-east monsoon From March onwards, a low-wind transition phase will follow until April. Between May and October, the dry season of the southeast monsoon is mostly blowing at 3 – 6 bft from east to the south in clear skies. A rainforest time, yet Tropical showers are not a rarity.

Northwest monsoon, from October, a low-wind transition phase will follow until November. Between December and March, the wind blows from north to west. The period is also called the rainy season, but these are short, sometimes violent rain showers, which often bring a pleasant cooldown. There is very rare rainfall, but it falls. In the months of October to April more rain than in the rest of the year.

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