Teak Deck Re-Caulking and Refurbishment Service

It is always best for Teak Deck to repair any problems as quick as possible. If problems are not taken care of, other failures and repairs will occur quickly, and they will be more time consuming and costly. A leaky Teak Deck let sea water and rain into the sub-deck, ceilings and in whatever is below, causing rot or mildew and ruin your yacht.

If there’s some life left in your existing deck, we offer a specialized re-caulk and refurbishment service to seal your deck.  Our Teak Deck Caulking System is formulated for permanent flexibility and superior UV resistance. And those re-caulk surfaces are going to have a prolonged life because of the addition to new caulking.

No matter what job it might be, our highly skilled carpenter team is pride to do their very best for your yacht, and you’ll always find our constant attention to detail and finish.