Osmosis Treatment

Do you have problems with the GRP [Glass-Reinforced Polyester] hull of your yacht?

Is the hull not drying? Blistering on the hull?  

Is there a strong smell of vinegar when blisters are bursting?

If you have these problems, it is time to fix it up before the laminate is severely damaged. 

Don’t subject your loved yacht to unnecessary torture, let our Osmosis Treatment Experts see the problem, conduct an initial diagnosis and suggest your osmosis treatment solution. If the diagnosis showed that osmosis attacked the hull of your yacht, you should start a professional osmosis treatment as fast as possible to prevent further damages to the hull that could ruin your yacht and boating life. 

Don’t believe that little osmosis blisters are just a simple cosmetic problem that needs a quick touch up and then it’s done. Osmosis means that most likely the hydrolysis of the polyester has affected at least one laminate layer. And much more worse, if the first blister shows up, the bond between fibreglass and polyester deep in the laminate below the waterline is most likely been already damaged!

No reason to get a panic attack or being driven to despair as we have the solution for your Osmosis problems and treatment.

Osmosis treatment requires highly skilled experts with expertise, comprehensive knowledge and an eye for detail. A carefully procedure of measuring, peeling and blasting to open up the blisters, washing, drying, tenting for environment control, and preparing the work area, followed by a further treatment of filling, fairing and re-laminating are necessary to reinstate the underwater profile of the yacht.  Once the treatment is finished, the application of an extra layer biaxial cloth laminated with epoxy resin guarantees an additional protection and strength. That will also reduce the future occurrence of osmosis problems. 

The applications of multi-coats of a protective epoxy resin, barrier coats, primers, underground and antifouling will be applied by our highly skilled osmosis experts to get you worried free without osmosis problems back on the water to enjoy “osmosis free” sailing. 

We love the work we do, with our true passion of sailing and yachts.

Get in touch with us today, we are here to support you and to get your osmosis solved.