Magical Events

Our Event Management Team specializes in yacht events and luxury events ashore and afloat. We will design your luxury, memorable and legendary Event on a yacht, at the best spots along the beautiful Turkish Coast or in magnificent Istanbul. Let us know what you have in mind.

Upon request, we set up your event at the place and country you request. 

We are specialized to set up exclusive shows with various high-class artists or organize show events at extravagant locations, venues or on Board of a Yacht!

In our hands, space and time melt into an atmosphere that gets under your skin. Open your mind to our exquisite taste in strong, visually-driven and bizarre wonders!

We have excellent solutions and breathtaking programs with many themes for your corporate occasion, galas, parties, celebrations, or your special event.

What about Royal Casino night, moments of magic with our Illuminist Jalin Alfar with spectacular magical effects.

He specializes in devising magic concepts for all our festivities and events of all shapes and sizes. Let your thoughts and dreams run wild. Jalin Alfar transforms time into unique moments.

Open your mind to his exquisite taste in strong, visually-driven and bizarre wonders! He performs gallantly and daringly, and elegantly or deliberately clumsily as he manipulates not only the audience but also coins, balls and silk scarves, and bewitches newspapers, tearing them into pieces only to restore them again. Objects appear, change shape, develop a life of their own or vanish into thin air. Steel softens in his hands and a spectator becomes an open book when he reads in his mind.

Let him take you into another realm and conquer your heart! Does this sound fun and crazy? It should do – that’s exactly what it is.

Enjoy our Moderator and Jongleur Till Pöhlmann with his unique and breathtaking shows acts.  He is specialized in the multi-faceted world of juggling. Enjoy his mystic fire & flame shows, first class light juggling, light painting, walk acts and awesome comedy acts. Short show-highlights provide diversion, variety and quality entertainment! The performances are precisely choreographed to music, and are therefore effective and can be enjoyed by all.

Live Music performed from the best classical & electric violinist. Let us take you away with a Violin Performance Show & Dancers. Oriental Dreams and performances with the best oriental dancers.

In our portfolio, we have the best artists, actors and musicians for your special Event on standby. Our Event Management Team will turn your vision into reality

It is the right time for you to find out what we could offer for you.