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Sailing Vacation in Madgascar

It is one of the most beautiful and hitherto undiscovered sailing destinations in the world. It is a charter destination for adventurers, sailors, snorkelers
and nature lovers with a little pioneer spirit.
Madagascar is a region that is barely discovered and has so far been offered only a little.

The best way to discover the Madagascar is by sailboat or catamaran. Explore Madagascar with a tailor-made charter that suits you and your dreams on board of a yacht.

Whether you prefer to charter a monohull or a catamaran bareboat, skippered or fully crewed charter; sailing holidays aboard gives you the opportunity to discover islands, bays, deserted shores, and beaches, in a way that land-based vacations can never give.

Your sailing adventure will start off the northwest coast of Madagascar from the small island of Nosy Be. On the island Nosy Be, the time seems to have stopped. Wonderful aromatic plants let their fragrance blow over the island. Rainforest, sugar cane fields, crater lakes, spice plants, overgrown colonial buildings and a relaxed street life characterize the surroundings. In the village of Tam Tam on Nosy Komba, you can see how the local boat builders produce pirogues – simple but seaworthy traditional boats.

Enjoy a breathtaking view from Crater Bay on nearby islands Nossi Mitsio and Nossi Sakatia, over palm trees, the rainforest, orchid gardens, exotic plants, spice plantations, crater lakes in which crocodiles that are sunbathing, sleepy picturesque fishermen’s villages and the turquoise crystal sea with its pristine colorful reefs and marine life.

Sail in an adventurous way, discover small idyllic islands, beautiful pristine coves and fascinating tropical landscapes in the environment of Africa. 

The population is largely Malaysian and Asian, coupled with African and European influences. The island has been separated from the African mainland for millions of years and has developed a unique plant and animal world. They encounter chameleons, crocodiles, turtles, and tenreks, as well as more than three thousand butterflies and countless bird species as well as many other exotics. The cute lemur with its huge eyes lives only in Madagascar.

The subtropical climate of Madagascar is essentially determined by southeastern trade winds originating from the Indian Ocean. There are two seasons: the rainy season and the dry cooler season. Between December and April, the northern monsoon prevails, which brings warm air from the equator and makes the climate wet and sultry.

The east coast is hot and humid during the rainy season and receives most precipitation. Occasionally, this area can also be affected by cyclones between February and March. Along the coast, the temperatures range from 27°C to 32°C during the rainy season and 18°C to 22°C in the dry season. In the rest of the year, from April to December, the winds come from the southeast direction (south monsoon) and are normally cooler and drier. The dry season, on the other hand, is much more pleasant and is considered the best travel time for Madagascar, and is usually from April to October. The area is, however, accessible all year round.

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