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Sailing Vacation in mystical Indonesia

Indonesia is a truly one of a kind destination in the world, islands scattered like emeralds over the luminous blue seas along the equator. It is a tropical pristine paradise with thick rainforests, white, pink and black sand beaches, volcanoes, exotic wildlife and unspoiled nature that is blessed with some of the world’s ultimate scuba diving sites.

Discover and explore remote islands and hidden fabulous white-sand beaches, where the richest diverse marine ecosystems are mostly found, excellent good water visibility for diving and snorkeling, colorful soft and hard coral gardens, healthy tropical and pelagic fish, in a paradise to escape. The untouched beauty, the most amazing coral reefs, marine and wildlife will dazzle your imagination.

Phinisi Boats offering Adventurous Sailing & Diving Expedition Cruises sailing the Indonesian Spice Islands trade routes, luxuriously melding all the safety and amenities of a Super Yacht with the style and grace of ages long past, each meticulously designed and hand crafted, specifically for private tailor-made

For those seeking exotic new horizons, our luxurious sailing adventure or diving expedition holidays in Indonesia are the perfect choice.

Discover and explore mystical Indonesia, straddling the equator, situated between the continents of Asia and Australia and between the Pacific and the Indian Oceans, Indonesia has more than 18,307  magnificent islands waiting to be explored.

The best way to discover mystical Indonesia is aboard a high luxury Phinisi Boat, the ultimate liveaboard with unbeatable service from their ever-smiling crews. Tailor-made adventure cruises aboard a high luxury Phinisi Boat combine luxurious private charter with exclusive diving opportunities. With dive masters on-board, spa treatments and asplendid fusion of Asian and International cuisine – created by the best Indonesian gourmet chefs, they are sure to give you the vacation of a lifetime; and are simply the best way to discover mystical Indonesia.

Explore the Indonesia  with a tailor-made charter that suits you and your dreams aboard a yacht. Whether you prefer a luxury Phinisi Boat, a monohull or a catamaran bareboat, skippered or fully crewed charter; sailing holidays aboard gives you the opportunity to explore exotic islands, bays, deserted shores, and beaches, in a way that land-based vacations can never give.

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The mysterious Spice Islands have an evocative and romantic history as a majestic sailing ship carrying exotic sultans during the golden age of exploration and jungle tribes whose culture and traditions have survived intact for thousands of years. Columbus, Magellan, and Francis Drake all sailed in search of the Spice Islands. Over the last two decades, Indonesia has awoken and been discovered as one of the best sailing and diving destinations. Such as Raja Ampat, Bali, Wakatobi, Moluccas, Banda Sea, Maumere, Ambon, Cenderawasih Bay, West Papua, Komodo, Flores, Alor, Lombok, Triton Bay, Kalimantan,  Halmahera, West Papua, Sulawesi, Savu Sea & Sumba, East Timor and Spice Islands of Banda

Indonesia is the only great cruising destination on the planet to straddles equator, which means you can enjoy the wonders of this magnificent country at any time of year. Sitting at under 10 degrees either side of the equator, Indonesia is immune to typhoons in the north and cyclones in the south.

Even the trade winds have volcano-studded islands as windbreakers, with the best destinations found on the leeward side. Despite its vast open spaces, Indonesia is a less-rugged destination than elsewhere in the Pacific for those who choose to holiday at sea.

Explore and discover the Indonesia archipelago, one of the world’s greatest areas of natural beauty, spread over 5200 km between the Asian mainland and Australia, all of it within the tropics.The archipelago comprisesover 17,000 tropical islands scattered like emeralds over the luminous blue seas along the equator.

Tropical forests, mysterious volcanoes and mountains, thousands of miles of fabulous beaches and amazing coral reefs – it is hard to believe that all this phenomenal beauty belongs to one maritime country, where the age of sail never really ended.

Tall cloud-swept mountains swathed in the green of rice terraces or rain forest, dropping to blindingly bright beaches and vivid blue seas is the backdrop for Southeast Asia’s biggest wilderness – a stunning variety of wildlife, rare flowers and exotic plants. Species found nowhere else on earth have flourished in certain areas, including the famous Komodo dragon on the island of the same name.

Dolphins, turtles, seahorses and manta rays, blue lagoons teeming with fish make Indonesia an ideal destination for adventure travel and true immersion into paradise.

Discover and explore remote islands and hidden white-sand beaches, where the most diverse marine ecosystems are found.Excellent water visibility for diving and snorkeling, colorful soft and hard coral gardens, healthy tropical fish – simply paradise.

The Komodo Islands. We will set sail for one of the best-untouched treasures of Indonesia – the Komodo islands.  Komodo National Park is part of Flores, a group of 29 small and big quite white-sanded islands. It is home to the world-famous Komodo Dragon, countless manta rays, sea turtles, dolphins, small sharks, world-class snorkelling and diving sites with millions of fish, stunning hiking paths, and pink beaches.

Komodo National park is located in the centre of the Indonesian archipelago, between the islands of Sumbawa and Flores. Komodo offers a plethora of exciting, challenging and rewarding dive sites, and presents a spectacle of underwater topography, teaming with marine life. The crystal-clear water of the Komodo Islands has excellent diving visibility, which makes Komodo a top destination for phinisi charter. The Komodo National Park features one of the world’s richest and most diverse marine environments—thanks to the overflowing currents in the area. 

Dolphins are a common sight in the seas between Komodo and Flores and the area is also on a whale migration route. The reefs offer good snorkeling and some of the best diving in Indonesia.

Papua – Indonesia also known as West Papua and Irian Jaya, located far away from central hubs in Indonesia. Papua is part of Indonesia although it is not to be confused with Papua New Guinea which is a separate country. Papua is blessed with a breath-taking scenery, gorgeous rainforest as well as tinkling rivers, gushing waterfalls, as well as some of the best diving in the world. Many parts are only accessible by boat, but it is more than worth it to explore one of the last great untouched spots left in Indonesia, if not the world.  Here are the The Raja Ampat Islands located, a truly stunning archipelago, almost dreamlike in their pristine nature and stunning coral reefs.

The Raja Ampat Islands. You will find a pristine paradise where Mother Nature and warm friendly people welcome you with all the exceptional wonders in Raja Ampat (” four Kings”), the islands-regency in West Papua Province. With all the spectacular wonders above and beyond its waters, as well as on land and amidst the thick jungles, this is truly the place where words such as beautiful, enchanting, magnificent, and fascinating gets its true physical meaning.

The Archipelago of Raja Ampat consists of more than 1500 islands, cays and shoals surrounding the four main islands of Misool, Salawati, Batanta and Waigeo.  different sizes and density, creating the magical landscape. The diversity of the natural life on the islands is none less rich and beautiful than the marine life. In Papua New Guinea, on the outskirts of Indonesia, far from civilization as we know it.

Raja Ampat is waiting to be discovered by you. The untouched beauty, the most amazing coral reefs, marine and wildlife will dazzle your imagination. In the early years of this century a new name caused sensation in the world of marine biologist and divers: “Raja Ampat”! This remote area was newly discovered as the place with the richest variety of marine species in the world and with an ecosystem very well intact. An incredible 75% of all known coral species (537 species confirmed) appear to live in its seas. Raja Ampat is all about diversity – not only diversity of species, but also of dive sites. There are some areas where soft corals and sea fans dominate, others with amazing diverse hard corals, seagrass beds, mangroves, shallow reefs, drop offs, caves, black sand, white sand. Then there are the fish, lots of them, in more shapes and sizes than anywhere else in the world.

Amazing number of bird’s species can be found, including the Red Bird of Paradise, Kingfishers, and Sea Eagles. Though Papua New Guinea is quite isolated, the local people are friendly. Usually engaged in fishing, they’re leading simple lives, surrounded by stunning beauty. Raja Ampat is one of the biggest biodiversity marine life sites on the globe. While scuba diving or snorkelling, you’ll encounter one of the richest coral reef ecosystems in the world. The school of fishes, turtles, eels, cuttlefish and sharks, including the famous wobbygongs are regular inhabitants of this sea.

Flores & Alor. The Flores Archipelago is composed of the narrow and rugged island grouping strung with a chain of dramatic volcanoes. The landscape is beautiful in an untamed way, each island has its own traditional culture, handwoven textiles and languages, yet most people still live a traditional life of farming and fishing.

The Islands of Eastern Flores include Alor, famous for its magnificent diving and ancient bronze drums used for bride price to this day. The Portugese came in the early 1500’s in search of spices and left a strong imprint of Christianity upon the islands and gave the name “Cabo das Flores” or the Cape of Flowers as they were astounded by the beauty of the underwater coral gardens lining the bays.

Flores is an island known for its impressive numbers of endemic species. You are likely to see many new species when diving here. Maumere Bay’s reefs, damaged by an earthquake in the 1990s rebounded strongly and are a great spot for adventurous divers looking to get away from the crowds of nearby Komodo. Nearby islands such as Babi and Lambata are must-dive areas when in Flores. Rare weedy scorpionfish, wonderpus, sea apples, pygmy seahorses, mantis shrimp and leaffish all adorn the reefs here. Large gorgonians spread wide in current-swept channels, where garden eels carpet the sea floor, and occasional reef sharks and eagle rays may cruise by in the blue.

Alor, like Flores, is a great place for drift diving. Here current is your friend and takes you on a tour past healthy coral, vibrant reefs and around schooling fish. There is also excellent macro life when in sheltered areas, including pegasus, bobbit worms, Spanish dancers and even the rare Djibouti Giant! Around spots like Pura Island and Kal’s Dream, larger species abound such as dog-tooth tuna, barracuda and grey reef sharks.

Cenderawasih Bay along with Raja Ampat and Triton Bay, make’s up the Bird’s Head Seascape of West Papua. The bay was geologically isolated until recently, and because of this isolation, it contains a number of very colourful endemic species. Cenderawasih’s marine diversity has earned it the name “The Galapagos of Indonesia’s reefs” by none other than Dr Gerald Allen.

Although there is plenty to see in Cenderawasih Bay, the highlight of any trip to Cenderawasih is the whale shark experience. The bay.’s resident whale sharks have learned that the bagans which are floating fishing platforms, throw their dead fish overboard. This is a bonanza of protein enrichment for the normally plankton-eating sharks. The bagan fishermen encourage whale shark visits because the enormous fish are considered good luck, and the whale sharks in turn swim around close to the surface, seemingly oblivious to the presence of snorkelers and divers. Special mention should also be reserved for the World War II wrecks that Cenderawasih Bay also plays host to. The bay at Manokwari was a safe anchorage for the Japanese while allied forces held nearby Biak Island. So it is little wonder that many ships and planes met a watery fate. It is likely that many remain as yet undiscovered and several that have been are still rarely dived.

Savu Sea  & Sumba. With a luxury Phinisi liveabord as a base explore the little-known, yet fascinatingly diverse, islands of the Savu Sea. From “ikat” textiles, volcanic crater lakes to war dances, explore in-depth the ancient cultures rimming the Savu Sea. Each dawn reveals a new island landscape and a different culture, perhaps a gently smouldering volcano, or a sleepy native harbour bustling with traditional fishing craft and local schooners or a peaceful bay where you can enjoy unrivalled diving or the many available water activities. Each day brings new opportunities to snorkel, dive, swim, fish, or stroll an isolated beach collecting shells or sorting thoughts. The beauty of these islands is legendary, their bio-diversity astounding, as is the rich tapestry of their cultures. The friendly warmth of the people makes these little explored islands a truly memorable destination.

Spice Islands of Banda. The Banda Sea is surrounded by the mass of islands that comprise eastern Indonesia, lapping the shores of Sulawesi to the west, Alor to the south and with West Papua to the east. The Banda islands consist of seven small volcanic inhabited and numerous uninhabited islands with world-class dive sites. Dive into unspoilt reefs and take a step back into the rich history of the Spice Islands. Originally the world’s sole source of nutmeg and mace, these tiny islands have attracted traders since at least 2.000 years ago. Beautiful, quaint little Bandaneira on the island of Neira is the capital town of the Banda Islands and is full of relics of the colonial era: forts, cannons and beautiful colonial homes. Stroll through the world’s oldest nutmeg gardens, visit private colonial mansions, and savour the remnants of Banda’s once glorious past soothed by the trade winds and the idyllic charms of these now forgotten islands. On your way to snorkel or dive the brilliant multihued underwater gardens of the lava flows you can stop along the beach to collect shards of 500 year old pottery washed ashore from some ancient shipwreck.

The climate is hot and humid. July to September is the dry season, December to January the rainiest period. Temperatures range from 75-90°F (24-33°C). The islands are under the influence of the SE monsoon from April to October and the NW monsoon from November to March, although land and sea breezes predominate close to the islands. The islands are not affected by tropical cyclones. 

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