FAQ  – Private Gulet Charter

A Traditional Turkish Gulet (or motorsailer) is handmade by highly skilled craftsmen and crafted from quality and durable wood such as teak, maun and iroko. Gulets are traditionally traced back to the Bodrum area of Turkey and are famous for their comfort, style and elegance, as well as their sturdiness.

Mostly, gulets are propelled by engine power, although they do sail when the weather conditions allow. With diesel powered engines they are configured as motorsailers with additional strength provided by the sails. Their broad beam provides plenty of deck space and spacious cabins below decks.

In the late 1960’s tourists began to visit the Bodrum and Marmaris regions of the Aegean. In the early 1970’s Bodrum type schooners were created due to a need to transport the recent influx of tourists to nearby bays. Prior to this, gulets were used for fishing and sponging and did not have chambers and seating on the deck.

Gulets have become increasingly popular due to them being ideal for long sea voyages as well as inshore coastal trips -and the demanding market growth has led to their construction in other areas – such as Marmaris, Bozburun, Istanbul and Fethiye.  

Gulets are ideal for touring small bays and coves as they can reach areas only accessible by boat, while maintaining the luxury of hotel standards. 

Yes- All gullet charters are fully crewed with a captain, chef and deckhand. VIP or high deluxe gullets and yachts may also have additional crew, such as hostesses or further deckhands.

The usual duration of cruising is around 3 to 4 hours per day. Gulets usually visit a bay or two every day for swimming, snorkeling or just relaxing as you wish. If you moor in a port, you can spend the day sightseeing and explore the shore around the port. Dining is normally outdoor, on the aft deck, in a port, or anchored in a secluded bay, depending on your wishes.

The special thing about gulets is that they can access secluded bays and areas of beauty that are only accessible by boat. Most gulet charters involve visiting these most scenic and private areas due to their natural beauty and rareity. The ability of a gullet to drop anchor in such a secluded spot is one of the main reasons for their popularity.

Evenings are spent moored in a port or anchored outside the harbor, depending on the availability of places in port and your preferences. Guests can also spend the evening outside the gulet, exploring the port town, having dinner in a restaurant or enjoying the local nightlife.

If available, while at anchor you could try out watersports, some boats also carry a canoe or surf board, many guests like to try their hands at sailing when possible, with the help and instruction of the crew.

Reservations for blue cruises usually start around December. As the peak season can get very busy and availability decreases we strongly recommend advanced booking. First please plan how many passengers will be joining you and what class of gulet you are looking for. From here, we can guide you towards the correct type of vessel and trip for you. From here you may decide upon dates of travel and itineraries and routes etc. We will be on-hand to assist right up until departure.

That’s a tough question, as there’s no absolute answer. It depends on you, although most people who’ve been before change their routes. As a first holiday we’d recommend Marmaris-Fethiye-Marmaris. Bodrum-Gökova-Bodrum is closer to nature, whilst Antalya-Kas-Antalya is perfect for those who like history. Finally, travelling to the Greek Islands is perfect for people who like to stop at different places every night.

Most boats can visit the Greek Islands. Embarking and disembarking is not permitted whilst visiting the islands on board a non-Greek Flagged yacht. Harbour fees, taxes and custom formalities are payable at each island that will be visited. If you wish to visit the Greek islands please let us know when booking.

We also offer Greek Islands charter programmes for those interested.

There are many advantages – first and foremost being privacy. Also, with a private yacht you are able to choose your own itinerary, and can change this during the duration of the cruise too if appropriate. Every aspect of the holiday is on your terms, and chosen by you.

We provide all kinds of VIP airport transfer services upon request, at an extra fee.

If you are looking for something extra special to begin your charter – you may consider booking one of the following.

  • Sea Plane Charter – When time is of the essence, when you are looking for an inspirational experience, or you simply want to arrive in style – consider an exclusive charter with a Seaplane. Imagine the feeling of landing on the water almost right next to your yacht. What better way to arrive and make the ultimate VIP statement? If you have a need for a seaplane charter, our experienced team will organize a seamless flight for you.
  • Helicopter Charter – Helicopter charter is quickly becoming the only transport solution for the modern VIP. You need to be able to reach your destination quickly, comfortably, and with the minimum of fuss. Helicopter charter is one of the most flexible forms of transport available – flights can often be scheduled at short notice, and you can avoid the long transfers associated with domestic air or land transport.

Using this service can ensure that your journey is stress-free and efficient, leaving you more time to enjoy the local sights.

  • Jet Charter
    Jet Charter services enable you to fly from wherever you want, whenever you want. A private jet offers you a refined and comfortable atmosphere, away from the fuss of commercial flights, delivering you fresh and relaxed at your destination. Comfort and aviation safety are the perfect pairing to ensure stress-free travel. Our private jet charter service is ready for your next business or vacation trip. We can accommodate your preferred route, date and time of your journey, passenger numbers and the amount of luggage. We will work with you so that all of your VIP preferences are met.  What better way to get away? We look forward to serving your private jet needs.

Our Incoming Team will organize your arrival and will greet you right after landing at your plane, giving you that true sense of belonging.

Yes, most yachts are child-friendly. However, the crew will be busy with their assigned duties and are not able to provide childcare services. It should be noted that a responsible adult should be with children at all times for health and safety reasons.

Smoking is not permitted inside the yachts for various reasons – but generally, guests are free to smoke on the outdoor deck areas. Care should be taken to dispose of cigarette ends correctly as they are a fire risk, and also a huge pollutant to our oceans. Ashtrays will be provided upon request. Substances illegal on land are also illegal on the yacht.

Most yachts will not permit guests to bring pets on board in order to maintain rigid cleanliness standards. Please check with us prior to your arrival.

Most charter yachts are equipped with the latest communications technology including cellular phones, global satellite communications and radio telephones.  While in port, and close to shore your own mobile telephones should also work, providing roaming is enabled.

Of course. Our crews are trained and professional, and many have entertained prominent guests and celebrities onboard. Discreet low profiles are kept at all times, yet service is available when needed. Confidentiality is one of the most important services we provide.

This largely depends on how you plan to spend your vacation.
Comfortable, informal clothing and comfortable shoes are a must for sightseeing in cities and ancient sites. Soft, or rubber soled footwear on the boat is a must – standard shoes and sandals are for on-shore use only. Pack according to local seasonal forecasts and make sure you have plenty of swimwear and beach towels, as they are not always supplied.

Turkish Lira, Dollars and Euros are accepted as cash. Exchange rates are published daily. Travelers cheques and eurochecks can be cashed at exchange bureaus and most major credit cards are accepted.

Travel insurance is always recommended when travelling in case of unforeseen circumstances such as accident or illness. The charter agreement will give information regarding provisions onboard the yacht and the yacht itself remains insured by the owner during your trip – however it is recommended that you purchase additional coverage for you and your guests.

The most important types of insurance for our clients are listed below. We provide the best of terms in our policies with EIS Insurance to ensure you are fully covered and can relax in the knowledge that should the worst happen, you have the help and assistance you require.

Perhaps your charted yacht simply does not turn up – or is late and cuts into you vacation. Perhaps the charter agency or boat owner hits insolvency and cannot repay the monies you have already paid – no refund and no cruise… This is why we strongly recommend Charter price contingency Insurance. With this insurance you would be reimbursed the charter price paid, along with cost of flights, or re-booking costs to a set figure. Well worth the peace of mind that comes from turning disaster into a happy ending.

This offers a skipper and crew cover against damages which occur during the use of another’s motor or sailing yacht. The cover takes effect when the yacht’s own liability insurance cannot be applied. The use of dinghies and other water sports equipment is also insured. 

With travel cancellation expenses insurance the travel cancellation costs and the costs for a travel termination of a cruise are insured for all named persons participating in the cruise. The insurance period is from the beginning of the insurance until the end of the journey. The arrival and the departure as well as eventual additional bookings (hotel accomodation by the arrival and/or departure) can be co-insured on request.

Covering any range of medical assistance you may require due to accident or illness, this insurance is most strongly recommended. Health care costs can be extremely expensive, and access to assistance when abroad is limited in many areas oft he globe. With this insurance you will have access to a 24/7 emergency assistance hotline, who have offices and assistance services all over the world. They can arrange for help to arrive in even the most remote of locations. Cover for pre-existing conditions and watersports policies are also available and highly recommended to ensure full coverage.

Our boats are inspected yearly as per regulations, for their commercial charter license.

Life rafts, jackets, fire extinguishers and technical equipment are inspected, and only following certification is the boat allowed on sea. Upper decks are all surrounded with hand rails, the crew receive safety training during certification and for emergencies there is a dinghy onboard with an outboard engine.

Let us know what you would like to do, and when you would like to go, and we will arrange these for you.

April, May and October temperatures are between 20-26 degree Centigrade, there is a possibility of rain during these months. June, July, August and September are hot, temperatures are usually between 30-38 degrees and it is extremely unlikely that you will see any rain.

Chartering a private gulet ensures you privacy, flexibility and almost complete control over your itinerary. The captain and crew are solely dedicated to your party and menus are structured around you and your guests.

Tell us about yourself and your guests, what your expectations are, what your interests are and your budget. We will help to guide you into choosing a boat that meets your needs.

Once your selection of yacht and dates of travel are decided you can option the boat (put it on hold) and discuss with us your charter plans. Following final arrangements, the boat can be booked with deposit and upon signing the charter agreement. Usually a 50% deposit is required at this point, with the balance payable before embarkation. These are standard procedures worldwide.

Charter Rates Include

  • Your personal Blue Cruise yacht concierge, preparation and organization for your cruise, itinerary suggestions, full shore side support during your cruise.
  • Charter of the Yacht including Captain, Chef an Crew.
  • Engine cruising, fuel for up to 4 hours cruising per day.
  • 7/24 Airconditioning usage
  • Crew service, cleaning, cooking, serving, navigation etc.
  • Daily cleaning of cabins.
  • Linen and towels for cabins and beach towels
  • Use of equipment on board 
  • Turkish transit log, harbor fees except private marinas, taxes, & related formalities for the shipping agents 
  • Yacht insurance

Charter Rates Exclude

  • Foods and beverages, yacht catering /
    Guests & Crew’s food / starting from 280 € / p.p. week
  • Yacht Beverages according to your preferences and consumption – We do the shopping according to your selections from supermarkets, you pay the Supermarkets price.
  • Mooring fees in private marinas.
  • Greek Islands: custom fees, harbor taxes, mooring fees and related charges.
  • Optional water sports. Use of motorized water sport toys: Jet ski, Water Ski etc.
  • Sightseeing, local tour guide, admission fees.
  • Gratuities for the crew / tip for the crew
  • Charterer’s own private and travel Insurance.
  • Flights & Transfers.
  • VAT (Value Added Tax)

You can choose to buy yacht provisions yourselves, or we can organize for the crew to do your shopping with no additional charges or delivery costs. Beverages will be provided according to your preference list. Please ensure that you include any and all dietary requirements and special needs when completing the list.

The chef on board is responsible for the cooking of any foods, the crew are responsible for service.

Full Board supplements are available as follows:

Full Board starting from € 45, deluxe menus starting from € 55 per person per day. Upon request we will send you the related menu details.

All Inclusive supplement is + € 30 pp pd including unlimited local alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages.

Soft beverages supplement is + € 10 pp pd including unlimited non-alcoholic beverages.

Child reduction: 0-6 is free, 7-12 is 50%

The Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) is due at the time of the final charter payment. This sum is usually equivalent to 25% of the total charter fee, but may be 30% in some cases. Intended to cover the operating expenses of a charter such as, fuel, food, drinks, port fees, these funds will be given to the captain before the start of your charter. He will ensure that your yacht is fully fuelled and provisioned when you step on board. Whilst an up-to-date summary of accounts can be requested at any time during your charter, a full set of accounts will normally be submitted by your captain at the end for the cruise. If, during the charter, the expenditure exceeds the sum already paid, additional cash funds will be required at once. All outstanding bills should be settled in cash before final disembarkation. Of course, any remaining credit at the end of your charter will be reimbursed to you in full. 

In our opinion, APA is the best way to organize your food and beverages on board. The crew will buy foods and plan menus according to your preference lists and you will get exactly as you requested.

Usually the minimum is 1 week – unless shorter time charters are specifically offered.

Charters commence from noon onwards on the first day and terminate by noon on the last day. For example, a charter contracted to commence at noon on 1st June and terminate at noon on 8th June constitutes a one week charter. High season rates apply to July / August and Christmas / New Year, Mid season rates apply to June and September Low season rates apply to May and November 

The first day (arrival day) you will be able to board at a time specified – usually around 17:00hrs. On this evening you will dine and sleep on board, while the boat is still docked in the harbor. Sailing will begin the following morning after breakfast. On the final day of sailing (day 6), the boat will return in the late afternoon, either to the harbor, or will anchor in a bay nearby. On the 7th day you will have breakfast and say goodbye to the crew and depart.

Most of our charters run from Saturday late afternoon, until the following Saturday morning unless otherwise agreed.
The boat will usually return to the harbor on Friday evening, and Saturday morning between 08:0-09:00 you will disembark.

Shorter time charters, or different day departures may be available on request, subject to availability.

Departures vary per vessel and type of charter. Please contact us for this information.

Your captain will be informed of your preferences and will suggest an itinerary. However, you are welcome to change this route at any time, providing weather and charter conditions permit.

You can embark and disembark from different harbours, but an additional cost will be charged for this according to the distance between the two.

Crew gratuities are discretionary, although it is customary for a charterer who has enjoyed the kind and attentive service of an obliging crew to extend a gratuity. Crew gratuities are normally in the region of 10% of the charter fee, but can be adjusted up or down according to your level of satisfaction. The best way to ensure that all crew members receive equal recognition is to entrust the distribution of gratuities to the captain. In this way, inconspicuous crew members such as engineers and culinary staff, who make an important contribution to your safety and enjoyment, will not be overlooked.