The World of Gulets – Private Gulet Charter 

Keep with tradition and take your “Blue Cruise” on a Gulet.

A Traditional Turkish Gulet (or motorsailer) is handmade by highly skilled craftsmen and crafted from quality and durable wood such as teak, maun and iroko. Gulets are traditionally traced back to the Bodrum area of Turkey and are famous for their comfort, style and elegance, as well as their sturdiness.

Gulets as we know them today are the Bodrum type of schooners. In the late 1960’s tourists began to visit the Bodrum and Marmaris regions of the Aegean. In the early 1970’s Bodrum type schooners were created due to a need to transport the recent influx of tourists to nearby bays. Prior to this, gulets were used for fishing and sponging and did not have chambers and seating on the deck.

Gulets have become increasingly popular due to them being ideal for long sea voyages as well as inshore coastal trips -and the demanding market growth has led to their construction in other areas – such as Marmaris, Bozburun, Istanbul and Fethiye.  

Mostly, gulets are propelled by engine power, although they do sail when the weather conditions allow. With diesel powered engines they are configured as motorsailers with additional strength provided by the sails. Their broad beam provides plenty of deck space and spacious cabins below decks.


Gulet: By far the most popular type of traditional yacht for a “blue cruise” is the gulet. Characterised by it’s large, rounded stern area it is particularly well suited for eating and lounging in comfort.

Generally, gulets will have ketch (Marconi) or schooner-rigging and one, two or three foresails. Lengths can vary between 15 and 55m and have between 3-12 cabins – with private shower and WC. Depending on the size of the gullet it is possible to accommodate between 6 and 24 persons on each cruise.

Aynakic (Ketch): Characterised by a squared-off stern, a ketch has additional space for cabins below – usually a large master cabin at the stern. They can accommodate 6 to 24 persons in between 3 to 12 double cabins, again with private bathrooms. Usually they will have ketch (Marconi) rigging and measure between 15 and 55m.

Tirhandil: The oldest type of local wooden yacht, a tirhandil is best suited for Aegean sailing due to it’s pointed stern. Smaller than other types of motorsailer, they measure between 11 to 24m in length. Rigging can vary from sloop to cutter to gaff, but originally most tirhandil had lateen sails. They can accommodate between 6 and 10 persons in 3 to 5 double bedded and en-suite cabins.


Gulet Yacht Charter: Fancy a luxurious private holiday at sea with your friends and family? Look no further. Chartering a gulet will ensure a memorable experience that rivals no other. Choose from budget, standard, luxury or super deluxe according to your budget and look forward to being in control of every aspect of your luxury vacation.

Cabin Charters: For those travelling in smaller groups, or unable to hire an entire gulet, these are the perfect option. All of the luxury and thrill of the charter experience with less of the expense. Hire a cabin on an existing charter. Make friends on board; and share the experience with others. Please, however, consider that you do not have complete freedom since the itineraries and ports of embarkation and disembarkation are fixed and cannot alter.


Traditional gulets have evolved through the ages. A modern day gulet will allow for luxurious and comfortable cruising. Gulets very in length, and therefore passenger capacity from 11-55m (36-180ft). A great deal of thought and styling is put into the furnishings and an eye for detail is key. Although each design can be different, every gulet is designed with taste and comfort of passengers in mind.

Generally, a cabin on a gulet will be en-suite (with shower and WC), and will have portholes, air conditioning, mirror and wardrobe as standard. Master cabins tend to be more luxurious, furnished with sofas, dressers, desks and entertainment systems. En suites in a master cabin may also have hydro-massage showers and jacuzzi baths for the ultimate pampering. Crew are housed in separate cabins.

Gulets have exceptional deck areas with plenty of space to accommodate their sunpads, cushions, sailing equipment and furniture – all necessary to make your vacation so comfortable. Whether you are a sun-worshipper working on your golden glow, or more comfortable scuba diving or surfing – there is something for you to enjoy. Fine alfresco dining, panoramic views and ultimate relaxation await you on board.


Of course, your safety is paramount to us. All of our gulets are in line with health and safety regulations, and carry safety equipment sch as life rafts, jackets and fire extinguishers. Gulets are abundantly stocked with fresh water and fuel storage and VHF radio and GSM telephones are on board. All gulets are equipped with full navigational systems.


Each of our gulets has an experienced captain, chef and deck-hand on board. Their knowledge and guidance will ensure the best possible vacation for you. From entertainment, cooking and cleaning to steering, raising the sails and anchoring they will ensure that every part of your holiday goes as planned.

We employ only fully qualified and experienced crew members, most of whom are Turkish or live locally and have extensive knowledge of the cruising grounds and local life.

The captain will primarily be in charge of your safety and ensuring that the cruise moves at a good pace. Outside of this, your itinerary is largely up to you. Departure and meal times are decided on board and are generally at the group’s request – however factors such as weather may need to be considered.

Any queries or concerns can be directed to our highly responsible and friendly captain and crew. If you want to learn how to steer the boat, or any other aspects of sailing then please just ask. They will be pleased to teach you. Also feel free to invite the captain to dine with you; or share a coffee so that they might impart some of their wisdom, or amusing tales from the sea.


The usual duration of cruising is around 3 to 4 hours per day. Gulets usually visit a bay or two every day for swimming, snorkeling or just relaxing as you wish. If you moor in a port, you can spend the day sightseeing and explore the shore around the port. Dining is normally outdoor, on the aft deck, in a port, or anchored in a secluded bay, depending on your wishes.

Evenings are spent moored in a port or anchored outside the harbor, depending on the availability of places in port and your preferences. Guests can also spend the evening outside the gulet, exploring the port town, having dinner in a restaurant or enjoying the local nightlife.

Typical gulet charter agreement includes the gulet, crew, insurance, fuel for 4-5 hours of sailing per day without port taxes and fees. Half board is in many cases included in the price.


Our hand-selected portfolio of traditional Turkish gulets includes the finest VIP gulets, deluxe gullets and excellent standard luxury gulets. 

All Gulets are fully crewed with captain, deckhand (s) and chef; providing a friendly, experienced, professional and personalized service and delicious food.

VIP Gulets are high-end yachts; floating 5 star hotels that will exceed your expectations, providing the utmost in sophistication and ultimate luxury for the time of your life. Featuring; elegant living spaces, sophisticated interior, spacious and comfortable accommodations, relaxing lounge corners, stylish decks and much, much more.

Gulets are rated in different classes, comparable with the stars of a hotel.

Private Gulet Charter in Turkey, Greece, Croatia and Montenegro:

***   Luxury Gulets – with simple luxury.  4 – 12 cabins 

**** Deluxe Gulets – the upper class, stunning luxury interior and exterior, 4 – 8 cabins

***** High Deluxe / VIP Gulets –  the ultimate class in the world of gulets. 


Turkey – Marmaris, Göcek, Fethiye and Bodrum.

Greece – Rhodes, Kos, Mkonos, Santorini – Greek Island hoping.

Ionian Sea – Sailing vacation on a gulet in the  Ionan Sea, with starts in Corfu and Lefkas.

Croatia – Some of the best gulets are sailing along the beautiful Croatian coast and islands.

Montenegro – Gulet charter in Montenegro guarantees your charter vacation is filled with fascinating history, magnificent architecture and stunning natural beauty.

Along with private charter, the yachts may be used for seminars and incentives, or special cruises with yoga, pilates or perhaps music workshops? The possibilities are endless. 

Discover and enjoy our world of Gulets, while taking in the comfort, relaxation, activities, cuisine and hospitality these wonderful Motor cruisers and sailing yachts provide.