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Sailing Vacation in French Polynesia

The ‘Pearls of the South Pacific’, the ultimate getaway

Tahiti – Bora Bora – Moorea – Huahine – Raiatea – Rangiroa – Tikehau – Tahaa –  Fakarava – Toau – Apataki

French Polynesia is a paradise composed of hundreds of dazzling islands, motu’s, lush atolls and mysterious coves. 

Set sail with us to discover and explore the ‘Pearls of the Pacific’;

French Polynesia offer excellent sailing conditions combined with luxury lifestyle, spectacular turquoise lagoons, unbelievable beautiful white-powered beaches palm lined up, lush tropical slopes of exotic plants and volcanic mountains above the lush shimmering green jungle.

The islands are blessed with colorful coral barrier reefs, home for a huge variety of marine life, a paradise for snorkeling and diving. Discover the magical world underwater and amazing underwater sites. 

Tahiti and Moorea are unbelievable beautiful but Bora Bora is the most famous and photogenic paradise in the Society Islands of French Polynesia’s Leeward Islands.  She is a one of the most scenic islands in the world and the Jewel of French Polynesia. Her beauty is unrivaled!

Spoil yourself and top your yacht charter vacation with a relaxing extra week enjoying the island Bora Bora in a luxury overwater bungalow that are dotted around the island’s motu’s.

Let yourself be enchanted at the most beautiful end of the world, this is the perfect destination for your luxurious repose that will for sure exceed every expectation.

This breathtaking paradise spread over 5 separate islands groups of pristine perfection, nestled at the heart of the South Pacific Ocean. The islands are blessed with luminous tropical beauty including diverse landscapes, from the ultra-flat atolls of the Tuamotu’s to the jagged peaks in the Marquesas.
French Polynesia is a collection of 118 exotic islands, motu’s and atolls spread of 5 amazing island groups that are stretching over more than 2,000 km. all nestled at the heart of the Pacific Ocean. Out of the 118 diverse islands, only 67 are inhabited, and over 65% of the population lives on Tahiti alone. Each island group has its own unique identity which extends from the landscape to the culture, climate and ethnicity. The multi-colored coral reefs and beautiful lagoons that make up the amazing scenery around French Polynesia have remained virtually unchanged since 18th-century sailors first reported sightings of these paradises.

 The islands of French Polynesia are divided into five groups:

  • The Society Islands
  • The Tuamotu Archipelago
  • The Marquesas Islands 
  • The Gambier Islands
  • The Austral Islands

It would take years to discover all the islands in French Polynesia, so we focused on the most popular Society Islands and the Tuamotu Archipelago. 

The Tuamotu Archipelago, located in the remote waters northeast of Tahiti and the luxurious Society Islands, are the prime destination for luxury Yachtcharter vacation in French Polynesia. World-class diving sites are Rangiroa and Fakarava, the two largest atolls in Tuamotu.

The best way to discover French Polynesia is aboard of a sailboat or catamaran. Enjoy excellent sailing; spectacular scenic, swimming in the warm emerald waters, snorkeling and diving in stunning multi-colored coral barrier reefs. Explore the sights, hike through the lush green rainforest, or simply relax, chill and enjoy.

Explore French Polynesia with a tailor-made bespoken charter that suits you and your dreams on board of a yacht. We have a large portfolio offering one the best selection of charter yachts in the French Polynesia.  Whether you prefer to charter a monohull or a catamaran – bareboat, skippered or fully crewed luxury yacht; sailing holidays aboard gives you the opportunity to explore exotic islands, or deserted shores and beaches, in a way that land-based vacations can never give.

Our many repeat customers and sailing enthusiasts confirm this every year. Our Hand-picked portfolio offers the very best charter yachts in French Polynesia. Whatever your preferred vessel is, we have the perfect yacht for you. 

Some of the larger islands boast indulgent havens of luxury perfect for those travelers that want to sink into an exquisite tropical idyll but not be left entirely to their own devices.

Enjoy the charter of your lifetime in the tropical sea of the South Pacific Ocean; discover and explore French Polynesia, a paradise of earth. Book your perfect escape on one of our luxury French Polynesia yacht charters.

Society Islands

The Society Islands are world-renowned for the glamorous clientele of Tahiti and the best romantic vacations ever.  These islands are blessed with unbelievable beauty; they are the most visited Archipelago, made up of two groups, the Windward and the Leeward islands. The islands are a breathtaking tropical dream offering stunning volcanic peaks, beautiful beaches and some of the best surfing, diving and sailing destinations in the world. The Leeward Islands include Bora Bora, Huahine, Maupiti, Raiatea and the Windward Islands of Maio, Moorea, and Tahiti

Tahiti is the heart and soul of the South Pacific, the island is the Queen of the South Seas, located in the South Pacific between South America and Australia. The island is the economic center of French Polynesia. As you explore the island, Tahiti slowly unveils its beauty. It can be explored in many different ways: black sand beaches on the East coast, white sand beaches on the West coast, spectacular diving and legendary surf spots. 

The mountainous interior is adorned with scenic landscape, mystical valleys, exotic plants, clear streams and high waterfalls.  On the islands, there are archaeological and historical sites, which you can discover.  The beautiful unspoiled coral reefs are the perfect habitat for sea turtles, sharks, dolphins, porpoises, colorful corals and many types of fish. The Leeward Islands are among the world’s best snorkeling and diving sites.

The capital city Papeete is a vibrant and multicultural city with busy boulevards and a bustling harbor,  world-class resorts, spas, fine dining and unique restaurants, nightclubs, vibrant markets, museums, pearl shops, and boutiques. The colorful  market, Le Marché, is an exciting place to purchase all things Tahiti including exotic fruits, monoi oil and colorful pareos. This waterfront promenade comes to life at night when gourmet food trucks, open their windows to serve a range delicious meals. 

Bora Bora is a one of the most scenic islands in the world; she is the Jewel of the South Seas. Her beauty is unrivaled! Bora Bora is the pearl of the South Seas, the epitome of a tropical paradise, an atoll in the South Pacific and the most popular island among sailors because an almost closed reef surrounds the islands. 

Bora Bora is a volcanic island with lush greenery in the midst of one of the most beautiful lagoons in the world, which shows itself in several aquamarines, turquoise to emerald green tones.  Bora Bora’s white sand beaches lined with coconut trees encircle the emerald lagoon populated with an amazing underwater life and multi-colored corals.  With over 700 meters, the basalt rock wall of Mount Otemanu rises above the crystalline sea, accompanied by the nearby peak of Mont Pahia, offering a breathtaking view. The large motus with white sand beaches and coconut palms are located in the glittering lagoon, which is populated with innumerable fish and corals of different colors.  The perfect white-sand beaches give way to blue waters where tropical-colored fish animate the coral gardens and giant manta rays play. 

On the motus, with their long sandy beaches hovering bungalow villages on stilts over the water. Bora Bora is considered to be one of the most exclusive and luxurious holiday resorts. There are secure anchorages, white sand beaches, bars, excellent restaurants, galleries, shops and luxury resorts. A sailing trip is the best way to discover this fantastic area. Bora Bora is truly one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

Moorea is Tahiti’s stunning neighbor; the island rises magically out of the ocean. Like at Bora Bora, you dive in an impossibly beautiful turquoise-green lagoon which circles the island. Candy-colored houses are surrounded by gardens of hibiscus and exotic plants.  

High, sharp, inspiring green spires, crowned by clouds, waterfalls tumble down fern-softened cliffs.  Moorea’s bright blue lagoon will bring to life the South Seas idyll of your dreams. Truly, Moorea is one of the most memorable locations in the Islands of Tahiti. Moorea’s beauty is unforgettable.

Moorea is a haven for divers, offering world-class diving sites with the amazing coral reefs and the colorful mix of marine life. You might encounter stingrays, sharks and marine turtles the lagoon sparkling with different shades of the turquoise water.

Huahine is one of Tahiti’s best-kept secrets, it is a delicious cocktail of Polynesian sceneries and ambiance. The secluded island of Huahine is full of original beauty, tranquility, and seclusion. With only eight small villages scattered across the island, the few residents welcome visitors with great kindness. 

Huahine can be compared with The Garden of Eden with its lush tropical forests, it is known for the cultivation of vanilla, copra, and watermelons. Huahine consists of two islands Huahine Nui to the north and Huahine Iti to the south, both of which are connected by a small stone bridge overlooking the lagoon. A deep, crystal-clear and protective reef belt surrounds the two islands. There are several passages for the yachts. The islands are less visited than Bora Bora or Tahiti. Untamed landscapes, quaint villages picturesque bays, small white sand motus, secure anchorages and wonderful places to moor and snorkel make this island a beautiful treasure for sailors in the South Pacific.

Beautiful white sand beaches lie in the districts of Fare and Parea. Enjoy the unreal colored lagoon, explore the world-class dive sites with their magical underwater world  blessed colorful reef walls, fishy caves and amazing coral gardens.

Raiatea, meaning “faraway heaven” and “sky with soft light,” was first named Havai’i as is considered the homeland of the ancient Polynesians. The island is the cradle of Polynesian culture. She is the most sacred island in the region, the green shimmering rainforest mountains rise to the cloud-capped peak of the celebrated Mt. Temehani.

Raiatea is the top yachting location in the Islands of Tahiti. Most charter companies and marinas have chosen to settle around Raiatea. The island offers a large number of moorings,  the bays offer deep and calm waters in a pristine and amazing environment blessed with volcano craters, rainforest, exotic plants, tropical waterfalls and an breathtaking scenery. The sailing conditions are excellent. It is a pleasure sailing to the other Leeward Islands, all with their own unique and breathtaking beauty. Raiatea is the cultural heart of the region and was once an important port along the ancient Polynesian route through the islands. Many fascinating archaeological and historical sites are worth a visit. 

Taha’a is an Polynesia a dream. She shares the lagoon with her sister island Raiatea. The beautiful Vanilla island Taha’a reveals its majestic mountains surrounding the heavenly turquoise lagoon dotted  with breathtaking motu’s of white-powdered sand.  Just like in Raiatea, the fantastic lagoon of Taha’a shelters family-run pearl farms that are open to visitors. Taha’a has an ancient charm and the authenticity of the olden days.  The turquoise waters are blessed with a marvelous marine life and multicolored coral gardens to explore. Taha’a is boasts world-class dive sites and is a haven for diver.

Tetiaroa; The atoll Tetiaroa was Marlon Brando’s South Pacific private island paradise and served as his retreat from the Hollywood craziness. “The Brando” is a unique luxury resort on French Polynesia’s breathtakingly beautiful private island of Tetiaroa, due to its amazing beauty, location and restricted access, it’s one of the most exclusive resorts in the world. Providing one of the most luxurious, authentic and enriching travel experiences available anywhere in the world in an environmentally sensitive, sustainable and culturally rich manner.

is a small unbelievable beautiful atoll of only 11 km². It is one of most romantic atolls in the world, heart-shaped and located just a few short miles from Bora Bora. The island is so untouched and pristine that visiting it is a privilege.  The private island and can only be accessed by pre-approval and is only accessible by yacht or helicopter. Tupai is blessed with a double lagoon surrounded with a stunning coral barrier reef and a motu covered with white sand beaches and coconut palms.  The tiny island is a paradise for your ultimate and unique romantic experience.  

Maupiti is nicknamed Little Bora Bora, she is the smallest beauty of the Leeward Islands.  Tip your toes in the pristine lagoon of this enchanting island. The Island is a Pearl of the South Pacific: a mountainous island with magnificent sceneries surrounded by an emerald–turquoise lagoon with crystal clear water, gorgeous coral gardens and powder-white sand beach motu’s dotted with coconut palm trees. Unspoiled by large tourism facilities, there is neither hotel, bar, restaurant, nor nightclub.

There is only one reef pass that allows access to the lagoon and it can be a bit of a hairy entry when the swell is large, which explains why Maupiti was safe from the European colonization for a long time. Leave your footprints in the marvelous white-sand beach of Tereia, nothing more beautiful than a walk on one of the beaches of Maupiti where you are likely to encounter protected turtles and pacific reef egrets. Enjoy world-class dive sites,  explore the incredible marine-life populates in the lagoon such as hammerhead sharks, leopard or Manta ray and multi-colored fish species in the fantastic coral gardens of the magical underwater world. Discover the lagoon of Maupiti with all its amazing treasures!  Uncover the historical and cultural secrets of Maupiti thanks to visits of its sacred sites: the valley of Haranai, the valley of Vaitea, the warrior Nina Here’s red cliff, the Marae Ofera on the Tiapa’a Motu , and one of the oldest archaeological sites of Tahiti and Her Islands dating back to the 9th century.

Tuamotu Island

The Tuamotu Islands are the heaven on Earth. The mini paradise islands are dotted idyllically in the aqua blue south Pacific Ocean, northeast of the Society Islands. They are the largest of the Polynesian archipelagos and include over 80 islands and atolls. They extend over more than 20,000 square kilometers and they are only inhabited by 12,500 people. The most famous islands are: Rangiroa, Tikehau and Fakarava.   The welcoming locals live in picturesque white-washed houses, decorated with shell art. 

The Tuamotu Archipelago is home to some of the largest atolls in the world, creating huge lagoons of reefs, a paradise on earth for sailing, surfing, snorkeling and diving. 

The islands are mostly thin, flat areas of coral rock with little vegetation. Due to their remote location, there is a simpler island life than that you’d find in the Society Islands. There are only a few luxury hotels here, but many beautiful pensions are spread across the islands.

The scenery is breathtaking beautiful, pristine white-powdered sand beaches dotted with coconut palms cover the motu of the amazing multicolored coral barrier reef and an extraordinary array of marine life guarantees a pure joy for fans of scuba diving and fishing.

Living up to their reputation, the Tuamotu are “a must on the bucket list” for experienced divers. The atoll lagoons are a protected paradise where underwater life is spectacular. This area is also the cradle of the legendary Tahitian cultured pearl, grown with love, patience and respect, lying in a blue elegant oyster. Pearl farms lie almost weightlessly on the Tuamotu’s lagoons where the pearls get their unmatched colors and shades. 

The beauty of the lagoons and unique underwater world make the Tuamotu a very unique group of islands and to the heaven on Earth  

Rangiroa, a place that is simply beyond human imagination and is renowned for it’s world-class dive site with breathtaking dive spots. The island is blessed with the world’s second largest atoll and surrounded by one of the world’s greatest diving sites. Divers will be blown away by the abundance and colors of the marine wildlife. The lagoon’s scale, the inside of the lagoon is so large it could hold the entire island of Tahiti. More than 240 motu’s string together and completely encircling the deep lagoon with a lengths over 110 miles.

The beautiful loop of islands is surrounded by different kinds of ocean: by Moana-tea defines the lagoon, the Peaceful Ocean,  Moana-uri  the Wild Ocean, is home to whales, manta rays, dolphins and sharks. Back on land, the main villages of Avatoru and Tiputa allowing access to the ocean and offer a unique scenic over the South Pacific. The highlights include the “blue lagoon,” a small lagoon within the main lagoon, as well as the “pink sand beach,” another beautiful area to discover. These sand dunes emerge from the reef and naturally crushed seashells have given the amazing pink color to the Pinky Sand Island.

Tikehau is a breathtaking oval shaped emerald  lagoon and formed by a series of motu, that  looks like a crown of powder-white and pink-sand beaches shimmering around the Tikehau Atoll lagoon.

Explore the tiny Tuherahera village only about 500 Tahitians call this tranquil world home. It is a genuine natural pool opening to a small pass called Tuheiva.  Tikehau boats an amazing underwater world where tropical multi-colored fishes, eagle rays, schools of barracudas and tuna, grey reef sharks, marine turtles and dolphins like to play. Millions of fish live in the untouched transparent world of the Tikehau atoll, s so much that Jacques Cousteau’s research crew dubbed it “the most fish abundant Tuamotu atoll.”

Fakarava is the island of dreams. Located southeast of Rangiroa, Fakarava is home to the second largest lagoon in the Tuamotu Atolls. Fakarava is one of the world’s best diving destinations. The protected coral atoll is a natural reserve for an amazing tropical underwater life, crustaceans,  a variety wildlife,  many rare species of birds and exotic plants. This rectangular reef encloses such a rich ecosystem that it has been designated by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve.  There are two notable passes that feed into the lagoon. The first is the Garuae Pass, located on the north side, which is the widest navigable pass in French Polynesia. The second is the Tumakohua Pass, located on the south side. This pass is home to a narrow underwater valley known as Shark’s Hole, which is heavily populated with lemon, whitecap and hammerhead sharks. Discover an underwater paradise filled with rare and interesting creatures.

The small atolls such as Niau, Raraka, Taiaro and Toau, are completely closed to the ocean, creating a nursery for precious underwater flora and fauna. Just 800 inhabitants primarily live in the two villages of Rotoava or Tetamanu. The main village of Rotoava is located on the longest continuous motu (islet) in French Polynesia. This skinny strip of land encloses the northern and eastern side of the lagoon and is rimmed with extraordinarily beautiful beaches. Life along these quiet shores is especially unique.

Marquesas Islands

The Marquesas islands are some of the most remote in the world, and laying in a distance over 1,300 km from Tahiti, they spread out over 12 islands, of which only six are inhabited. They are geographically very different from the rest of French Polynesia, trading the lush vegetation of the other islands for spells of drought and even slightly colder weather. 

They are lush and high islands emerge from the Pacific Ocean, a land of history and legend, all as fascinating as unforgettable. Welcome to “The Land of Men,” the Marquesas Islands. Golden rays of light filter through the clouds suspended on sharp mountainous peaks, drawing an unreal and subtle ambience. The Marquesas Islands are Hiva Oa, Nuku Hiva, Ua Huka, Ua Pu, Tahuata and Fatu Hiva.

The stunning islands are blessed with jagged volcanic mountains, legendary high cliffs, , impressive remnants wrapped in exotic wild nature, amazing beaches: the Marquesas are breathtaking.  Unlike the rest of the country, they are not surrounded by protective reefs.

The islands are separated into two groups, north and south, with Nuku Hiva  of the north and Hiva Ova in the south are the most popular. The islands are great adventure destinations, around the dense tropical vegetation. The Marquesas are also home to the largest Tiki statue in all of Tahiti. Framed by looming cliffs, the coasts of the Marquesas Islands are a mix of black sand beaches and gorgeous bays.  The Marquesans are known to be among the finest craftsmen throughout French Polynesia. They create large and fine carvings, beautiful tattoos, and surprising pieces of jewelry.

Although Nuku Hiva is a thrilling scuba diving destination, with a phenomenal biodiversity and home and abundance of manta rays, eagle rays, sharks of various species and sizes, jackfish, tuna, dolphins and swordfish. Nuku Hiva offers outstanding landscapes, an incredible archeological history, great stories and a rich culture that all can be discovered during your private yacht charter. Thousands of ruins and stone-carved tikis are tucked into the dense jungle, and make these islands perfect for exploring or merely enjoying the thrill of losing yourself so completely within the tropical perfection of a brooding volcanic landmass.

The island Hiva Oa is lined with black-sand beaches and sharp cliffs diving into the Pacific Ocean, she offers rugged landscapes, blend sharp ridges, peaks and valleys scattered with archeological sites and ruins. 

Gambier Islands

Located southeast of the Tuamotu Archipelago, emerge the most secluded and remote of the Islands of Tahiti. The Gambier Islands consists 14 islands spread are only over 35 square kilometers, the archipelago lines the Gambier lagoon, and a few other islands.  Counting only 1,000 inhabitants, it shelters four mountainous islands lying within the same lagoon: Mangareva, ‘Akamaru, ‘Aukena and Taravai, with dozens of motu’s. The mountains of Mangareva rise over the surrounding islands and the luminous lagoon like a great cathedral. The lagoon, hosting the entire archipelago, it is one of probably the most beautiful of The Islands of Tahiti. Take your time and visit the pearl farms or explore the surprising number of surviving churches, convents, watchtowers and schools from the 1800s. The Gambier archipelago is far away the touristic main stream.

Austral Islands

The Austral Islands straddle the Tropic of Capricorn and are a grouping of volcanic land-masses sometimes referred to as the Tubuai Islands. Sailing Vacations vacation in the Austral Islands is well suited for travelers with a spirit for adventure, who seek out untouched corners of the earth.

The southernmost island group in French Polynesia, the Austral Islands are made up of two archipelagos, the North West Tupua’i Islands and the southeast Bass Islands. These remote islands are far away from the touristic main stream offering a memorable and unique experience.  The archipelago is made of seven islands, five of which are inhabited and four of which are accessible by air. Rurutu, Tubuai, Rapa and Raivavae are the most popular islands. 

From sheer mountains to valleys and high plains over the dense tropical jungle, they are blessed with amazing underwater sites and an untouched and mysterious Archipelago with sand beaches and intense blue the lagoons. These islands are only developed in a traditional sense: rural villages with houses and churches built of coral limestone. The islands are all limestone and volcanic rock, though there are numerous waterfalls that can be hiked to as well as mysterious grottoes full of stalagmites and stalactites.

The cliffs and caves of the Austral Islands are places of legends and quite a few archeological remnants hide on each island.  The humpback whales just offshore visit the Austral Islands from August to October each year to give birth. If you’re looking for true Polynesian culture with minimal impact from the rest of the world, the Australs might be just what you are looking for.

The Weather: French Polynesia covers a vast area of 4 million square kilometers. The climate on all islands is always tropical warm and humid with little seasonal temperature fluctuations on the islands and atolls up to 3,000 hours a year. There is so much sunshine as hardly anywhere else in the world and thus ideal conditions for a dream holiday.

There are two seasons. November to March/April is the hotter and moist period of the year. The temperatures are 32°C, and 22°C at night; humidity is usually above 80% During this time, strong rainfalls can be expected which blow through the trade winds from the north and north-east. 

Cooler and drier weather dominates from April/May to October. This is due to the more parched Southeast Passat. The temperatures may be a bit cooler, but humidity is lower. Even in these months, there may be shivering or thunderstorms. On the east side of the islands, trade winds provide cooling but also more moisture. The best travel time is between April and October.

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