Composite and Epoxy

Yacht Refit Solution has brought together a team of highly skilled and experienced composites craftsmen who have been working in the boatbuilding industry for new construction, refit and repairs for more than 30 years. Our craftsmen are artisans in their expertise, at the cutting edge of marine composite technologies.

We offer a full turnkey solution for your composites requirements to modify or repair existing hulls, interiors or equipment, providing you with a durable, lightweight option that can be customized to suit the requirements for your yacht repair and refit. A comprehensive range of new components, structures and accessories can be crafted using composites; they are more cost-efficient than ever before. 

Using composites in yacht repair and refits is highly complex and requires expert skills and knowledge to ensure it is carried out correctly. From carefully calculating exactly how much fibre material and resin is required, to carefully feathering in repairs and creating a smooth and excellent finish, we are well versed with the required skills of getting it done. Composite repairs and modifications are both a science and the finest arts of composite craftsman work, impossible to see that a repair has been done. Our work is carried out at an extremely high standard, beyond your expectations.

The most common composites used are resin combined with e-glass, s-glass, kevlar or carbon fibre to create a strong, durable and lightweight material that is incredibly versatile and can be used for many different yacht repairs as touch ups, structural repairs, modifications and in combination with honeycombs or other materials for light weight handmade accessories and finest furniture manufacturing. There are many benefits and advantages using composite materials in yacht refits and repairs, as you can expect a strong and durable, lightweight material that is very easy to maintain. We are working closely with designers, and we are looking forward to collaborating with your designer.

Our Composite refit, repair and manufacturing services include:

  • Collision repair
  • Structural damage and modification
  • Delamination
  • Skin blister repairs
  • Rudder new construction and repairs
  • Hand and tailor made custom lightweight yacht furniture
  • Every kind of hand and tailor made custom composite yacht components

Get in touch with us, we look forward to discussing your composite yacht project with you.